About Gallery


The idea of opening an art gallery emerged in my mind while mixing colours on the palette and standing before an easel with a canvas on it that I was painting. Something deep in my mind kept on convincing me that I should do something more than painting and that idea took me to a new stage when I decided to make an art gallery which would be a good platform to bring up the finest art work of young emerging artist alongwith the masters of our country on national and international level.The gallery surely promises to display the most intricate & infinite forms of creations in the art circle.


Revivers Galleria is the name that I decided for my gallery as it gives a feeling which is very close to my heart of bringing back the lost in the forefront and to preserve it in the best possible way.The gallery displays a vast variety of both conventional & contemporary skills of varied artist for its customers under one roof which includes paintings (oil/water paints) miniatures, pottery, ceramics and sculptures etc. from all around the country.


Besides this the gallery also gives services of framing to its valued customers.The aesthetic and serene ambiance of the gallery is quite complimentary to the art pieces displayed.Its huge hall enables ample space for viewing the paintings.The gallery is surely a beautiful addition in the art scenario of Lahore.



to preserve our cultural heritage.
to promote art on national and international level.
to encourage young emerging artists.
to enable people view the classic work of our masters.
to supply genuine art work to its valued customers.


Revivers Galleria assures authenticity through a proper certificate for every art piece sold through the gallery.

Sara Anjum
Revivers Galleria